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How To Lose Weight For Healthy T Levels

Testosterone levels and body fat are intimately linked. High testosterone equals lower body fat. Low testosterone equals higher body fat. But why does this relationship exist? Where does it come from? And how can you overcome it to lose weight and boost testosterone? The four-way relationship Testosterone plays a role in everything from body and […]

Can High Intensity Interval Training Make You Manlier?

So we know that testosterone is the masculine hormone. We also know that exercise boosts testosterone. But what’s the best method to use exercise to make you healthy, sexy, energetic, and manly? The solution? High-intensity interval training. Can HIIT make you manlier? Yes. High-intensity interval training can make you manlier by boosting your testosterone levels. […]

Does Exercise Boost Testosterone?

Strap in, because I’m about to completely change your idea about what “healthy” workouts look like. It’s true that working out can help raise your testosterone levels if you’re suffering from low testosterone. But not the workouts you might imagine. You don’t need to workout every day to boost testosterone. You don’t need to workout […]

What Is Low Testosterone?

Do you feel “off” but don’t really know why? Is your libido quickly dwindling? Are you gaining weight around your midsection and losing muscle mass? Are you feeling fatigued, low on energy, irritable, and anxious? Do you just not feel like yourself?   When patients come to me reporting a sense of just not feeling […]

Are These Medications Killing Your Sex Life?

Most medications come with several side effects, ranging from mild dry mouth to severe life-threatening diseases. For most men, some of the worst—and the most common—are adverse sexual effects. Some sexual side effects of medications can include erectile dysfunction, impotence, low testosterone, and even low sperm count or infertility. This is because certain medications impact […]

Does BPA Cause Sexual Problems?

BPA, a chemical rampant in everyday American life, is directly linked to short-term and long-term sexual dysfunction. But what is BPA and how is it linked to sexual disorders? And what can you do about it? What is sexual dysfunction? Before we get into BPA, let’s first discuss the definition of sexual dysfunction. “Sexual dysfunction” […]

Olive Oil Will Change Your Life—Here’s How

Want to become healthier with just one simple change to your diet? If you want to reduce your risk of inflammation-related diseases, like cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, stroke, diabetes and cancer… Then you want extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). Extra virgin olive oil is a primary component of one of the healthiest diets on the planet: […]

What Does A High PSA REALLY Mean?

PSA, or prostate-specific antigen, is often thought of as an immediate signal of prostate cancer—but is it really? Doctors have discovered that a high PSA level does not necessarily correlate to prostate cancer. There could be other health and lifestyle factors impacting your PSA test results. What do PSA levels mean and what could cause […]

Happy Men’s Health Month!

Happy Men’s Health Month! June is our favorite month because it’s a period dedicated to education and awareness about men’s wellness. This is a great opportunity for the media, healthcare providers, and public policy creators to bring men’s sexual health to the forefront of the healthcare conversation. Did you know that the life expectancy for […]

Epigenetics Series: Can Working Out Change Your Genes?

Professional athletes seem to have a special “something” that no one else has. “It must be in his genes,” we say when we see Michael Phelps swimming or Michael Jordan shooting a three-pointer. But is it actually in their genes? Is there a gene for athleticism? Epigenetics says “maybe.” It’s not necessarily that professional athletes […]

What’s The Deal With Weight Gain And Low Testosterone?

If you’re struggling to see the results you want in your weight loss program, you may be dealing with a testosterone imbalance. Have you been noticing that the number on the scale keeps increasing recently? Is your midsection growing at a faster rate than the rest of your body? Are you struggling to lose those […]