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Corporate Health and Wellness Statistics

Companies with highly effective health and wellness programs report 11% higher revenue per employee, 1.8 fewer days absent per employee per year, and 28% greater shareholder returns.

Companies with strong corporate health programs outperform the S&P 500 by over 3%.

In companies that provide health and wellness support:

53% of employees would participate in an exercise program through their workplace to help lower their health insurance cost.

61% of employees state they’ve made healthier lifestyle choices because of their company’s wellness program.

The top five stress symptoms causing missed work days are constant fatigue (29%); sleeplessness (26%); aches and pains (24%); high anxiety (23%) and weight gain (18%).

62% of workplace wellness program participants said it helped them lower their healthcare costs.

Buffett National Wellness Survey, 2011

Raymond Fabius et al., “The Link Between Workforce Health and Safety and the Health of the Bottom Line: Tracking Market Performance of Companies That Nurture a ‘Culture of Health,’” Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 55 (9) (2013): 993–1,000.

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A robust corporate health and wellness program is critical to the success of your business.

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Corporate Wellness Consultation

with Tracy Gapin, MD

Employers who embrace health and wellness as part of their business create a workplace where both employees and the organization thrive.

With Group Coaching, Individualized Medicine, Wellness Workshops, and Biometric Analysis, The Gapin Institute aims to disrupt the corporate wellness industry.

We combine group wellness initiatives with personalized strategies based on genetics and cutting-edge biometric tracking with wearable technology to transform corporate health, performance, and ultimately productivity.

Improve employee health and productivity, reduce healthcare expenses, and boost corporate earnings with the Gapin Institute Corporate Wellness Program

Focus on your people and the numbers will follow.

Health affects work and work affects health.

Let me help you optimize your corporation's health and wellness and increase your productivity, performance, and profits

-Dr. Tracy Gapin

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Corporate Wellness Consultation

with Tracy Gapin, MD

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