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Gainswave: How to Increase Sexual Vitality with Dr. Tracy Gapin

On this week’s episode of the Genetic Genius Podcast, Dr. Tracy Gapin discusses his secrets for high performance health, how to increase sexual vitality and performance, preventive wellness, and the GainsWave treatment which is revolutionizing men’s health care. Here are some of the hot topics we discuss on this weeks show!

1. When it comes to men’s health, there is a stigma that men don’t go to the doctor for preventative health care or wellness. Do you think this is true or false and is it changing?

2. When it comes to men taking care of the body and optimizing wellness, what’s the biggest area of concern that men need to take action on?

3. Do you think that having open conversations about men’s sexuality is changing or do you think men still feel uncomfortable talking about their sexuality and performance?

4. What are some of the biggest health factors behind male sexual dysfunction?

5. How can male listeners use biohacking to up their sexual performance.

6. What are some of your favorite biohacks for DNA and cellular function?

7. What is GAINSWave treatment, how it works and what makes it so different from other forms of allopathic treatment for sexual performance.

8. Does the treatment hurt? What’s the success rate? Who is GAINSWave therapy most suited for?

9. Can you talk to us about peptides, what they are, why they can be helpful for cellular function and optimization and which ones are your favorite ones for your male patients.

10. Are there specific genes or genetics that are linked to men’s sexual performance and health?


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