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Hi, I’m Dr. Tracy Gapin

I’m a board-certified urologist and men’s health expert. I’m passionate about empowering men like you to take control of your health to achieve high performance.

Have you lost your edge? Are you suffering from low energy, diminished sex drive or poor performance in the bedroom, weight room and boardroom? Are you having difficulty losing weight and building muscle? Are you in a bad mood, struggling with mental fog, depression or lack of confidence?

The first thing I want you to know is that there absolutely is HOPE that you can get back to your peak. That you CAN have high energy, an amazing sex life, and incredible confidence in how you look and feel. I know this because I’ve helped thousands of men do it!

My approach helps provide men like you a personalized path to optimize your health and performance. I’m committed to helping you because men who are functioning at their peak and being smart about their health are more powerful, present and involved husbands, fathers and leaders. And that’s my true mission.

So welcome to Smart Men’s Health!

Tracy Gapin, MD
Epigenetics Performance Coach


“I am doing awesome. Dr. Gapin is a source of knowledge, skill, encouragement and professionalism. I tell everyone about the great care I received from him and his staff.”

– Walt P.

“There were times in the initial phase of my disease that everything felt hopeless, but Dr. Gapin kept telling me he would get me thru this and he did! He was there for me thru thick and thin. I would write him emails and I would receive a response within hours via phone call or email.  Two of those times he was at a convention or on vacation. There is no Physician that I have found that is more competent, compassionate and caring. Thank You Dr. Gapin, you are the best!!!”

– Roger G.

Since December 2017, I have dropped nearly 40 pounds and shredded 5 inches just off my waistline.  I am so grateful for this knowledge and guidance that has helped me become a healthier man, husband and father! I now know how well my body is supposed to feel! Thank you Dr. Gapin!

-Andrew B.



Learn How To Naturally Boost Your Testosterone, Increase Energy & Burn Fat So You Can Be At The Top Of Your Game!

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