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Hi, I’m Dr. Tracy Gapin

I’m a board-certified urologist, men’s health expert and epigenetics coach. I believe the future of cutting edge medicine is in our hands today. So I’ve combined revolutionary life-changing technologies with the raw power of your body’s unique genetics to create levels of health and performance you never thought were possible.

Like so many of the men I’ve helped in my 20+ years as a pioneer in the field of epigenetics & precision medicine, you work hard, command your career, and achieve high levels of productivity…likely more than the average Joe. But, all your red-lining has taken its toll. Your body’s energy no longer matches your mind and your performance in the bedroom, weight room and boardroom are not at their peak.

You may also have difficulty losing weight and building muscle. Bad moods, trying to power through mental fog, depression, or lack of confidence may be further tell-tale signs that something isn’t quite right. Trust me when I tell you, no matter what your age, you do NOT have to settle for this “old model” of aging.

The first thing I want you to know is, the most sophisticated human potential already exists inside your body and is waiting to be unleashed. You CAN have sustained high energy, an amazing sex life, and unshakable confidence knowing you are in command of it all. I know this because I’ve helped thousands of men get their edge back and reach their peak performance!

My science-based approach provides men like you with a customized plan to optimize your health and performance based on your personal genetic needs. I’m committed to helping you because men who are savvy about their health and functioning at their peak are more powerful, present and involved leaders, husbands, and fathers. And that’s my true mission.

So welcome to Smart Men’s Health!

Tracy Gapin, MD
Epigenetics Performance Coach


“I am doing awesome. Dr. Gapin is a source of knowledge, skill, encouragement and professionalism. I tell everyone about the great care I received from him and his staff.”

– Walt P.

“There were times in the initial phase of my disease that everything felt hopeless, but Dr. Gapin kept telling me he would get me thru this and he did! He was there for me thru thick and thin. I would write him emails and I would receive a response within hours via phone call or email.  Two of those times he was at a convention or on vacation. There is no Physician that I have found that is more competent, compassionate and caring. Thank You Dr. Gapin, you are the best!!!”

– Roger G.

Since December 2017, I have dropped nearly 40 pounds and shredded 5 inches just off my waistline.  I am so grateful for this knowledge and guidance that has helped me become a healthier man, husband and father! I now know how well my body is supposed to feel! Thank you Dr. Gapin!

-Andrew B.

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