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Hey there, and welcome to Smart Men’s Health!

My goal is to provide you everything you need to know about optimizing your testosterone, sexual health and overall performance.

You’re a busy guy. (So am I!) You don’t have hours to be researching about men’s health issues. But it’s important for you to be educated and empowered with a to maximize your vitality to achieve your optimal potential.

That’s why I created Smart Men’s Health. Not just because I live and breathe men’s health every day in my medical practice, but because I live and breathe healthy lifestyle every day myself.

I’m here to provide men’s health information based on research and science from 20 years of clinical experience as a urologist, and based on my personal experience as a guy like you.

I’m here to be on this journey with you.

So let’s get going!



The American man is facing an epidemic of unprecedented proportions. (I’ll talk more about WHY later… book tease!) Men of all ages are suddenly finding themselves with plummeting testosterone levels… And it seriously impacts their everyday health.

Testosterone is the “male hormone.” It’s what gives you all those masculine attributes during puberty, like strong muscles, deeper voice, and body hair. But it’s also the hormone that controls energy, mood, focus, concentration, and even productivity. It’s the hormone that puts you in the zone to workout, go to work, or have sex.

But low testosterone can cause diminished sex drive, weight gain, insomnia, low energy, fatigue, lack of motivation, lowered mood, and infertility. In the long-term, low T can increase risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and metabolic syndrome.

Low T is a serious problem. If you want to maximize your health and performance, you definitely need optimal testosterone levels.

Now this can be achieved with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), but it’s always better to maximize your levels naturally if possible.

That’s one of the key goals of this site. I provide you step-by-step guides and information to optimize your hormones naturally, so you can get on the right track for long-term health.



We all know that our genes control our bodies and health. They give you your eye color, your skin tone, and your height. But they also determine your health and lifestyle.

Certain genes can put you at risk for serious diseases and illnesses, while other genes can actually protect against those diseases.

For example, that’s why you’ll hear that cancer has a genetic link. You have an increased risk for a specific cancer if someone else in your family has been diagnosed with it. That’s because many cancers are genetic.

Your genetic expression even impacts your testosterone levels, likelihood of erectile dysfunction, and risk for prostate cancer.

But that doesn’t mean your genes have doomed you to disease. Research has proven that we can actually control the expression of our genes. That’s where epigenetics comes in.

Different lifestyle choices – how we treat our bodies – will activate or deactivate certain genes.

For example, working out for just 20 minutes a day can affect the expression of over 7000 genes to actually reduce your risk of developing cancer.

I am a huge believer in the power of epigenetics. Studies show that diet, exercise, sleep, stress, smoking, alcohol, and other lifestyle choices impact your genetic expression. With just one small shift, you can organize your genes to actually prevent cancer and disease and instead promote optimal health and performance.



√ You want to take control of your health by naturally manipulating your genetic expression.

√ You want to optimize your performance and reach your full potential.
You want to learn more about how your health changes with age and disease.
√ You want to regain a youthful sense of wellness and vitality.
√ You want to be a more powerful and present father, husband and leader.

Take this free online quiz to assess where your health is right now. The results will help direct you to a plan of Peak Performance. We’ll give you actionable steps you can take today to completely change your health and wellness.

Understanding where you are right now is the first step toward creating an action plan. You have to know your goal before you know how to reach it.


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Our blogs and resources have helped thousands of men just like you. They’re a great starting point if you’re just looking for more information about your health.

But so many men come to me saying, “I know what to do… But I still don’t know how to apply it to my life. I feel like I’m not seeing the results or changes I want.”

That’s where Ignite Your Drive comes in.

This 4-week intensive course takes a deep dive into every aspect of your health. It addresses everything from low testosterone to erectile dysfunction and cancer to heart disease. That’s because every area of your health is intertwined—so the course pulls it all together in a compact, actionable format.

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What men love most about the course is that it’s straightforward and effective and provides a way to get your personal sensitive questions answered. It gives you everything you need in a four-week time period, and provides you a game plan that’s simple enough to implement into your busy life for the long term.

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Reach out to me.

I’m a real person. I have a wife and kids. I run my practice every day. I workout and eat healthy, even though sometimes I complain about it.

I’m also here for YOU. I want to be your support system.

I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve made the changes.

And you can too.

So if you want even more accountability, or you’re not sure what the next steps are for you, then reach out to me directly!

For qualifying individuals, I offer a FREE 15-minute ‘Peak Performance Call’ to see if you’re a good candidate for my personalized one-on-one coaching. I’ll take an in-depth, honest look at your health to determine what your next steps should look like—either with me, your local doctor, or with online resources.

I’m excited to connect with you to start this journey together.

Again, welcome to Smart Men’s Health. I’m thrilled you’re taking the first step towards living your best and healthiest life.

Don’t be afraid to reach out with questions, comments, concerns, or jokes!


-Dr. G