About Dr. Tracy Gapin

Dr. Tracy Gapin is a urologist in Sarasota, Florida. He specializes in men’s health, including testosterone therapy, sexual medicine, BPH, prostate health, and prostate cancer.

Dr. Gapin has founded Smart Men’s Health to provide authoritative men’s health information to his patients and beyond. He takes difficult topics and makes them easy to understand to help men take ownership of their own health and wellness.

The Importance Of Men’s Health

A Note From Dr. Gapin

Why Preventative Medicine?

I truly believe in the power of preventative medicine. I’m passionate about helping men avoid getting chronic health problems and diseases by taking care of themselves now. I’ve taken the same approach to wellness that worked wonders for me and I now help other men apply it to their own lives.

So much of today’s medical care is focused on treating disease with prescriptions after the fact. I’ve chosen to dedicate my efforts with Smart Men’s Health toward cultivating natural health and preventing disease. I want to help men naturally improve their health so they can live longer and stronger.

You think you’re taking pretty good care of yourself. You eat vegetables on a regular basis and you chase your kids or dog around, and you figure that’s good enough. You assume you’re pretty healthy and leave it at that.

I spent years in that mindset. Yes, I worked long hours at my private practice as a Urologist in Florida, but I didn’t think the stress was affecting me. I generally tried to live a healthy life. I had to take care of myself for my two young kids.

Then I got my wake up call. During a routine physical exam, I found out I was 25 pounds overweight and my cholesterol was 245. My doctor reviewed life expectancy charts for me based on my medical history and cholesterol level. It scared the crap out of me! I suddenly came face-to-face with my own mortality.

I had to acknowledge that my personal health had not been a focus. I had devoted all of my attention to my work and family while disregarding my own health. I had forgotten that my family depends on my health as much as I do.

I felt that I didn’t have the time or energy to exercise regularly or to prepare healthy meals. I was exhausted, and I wasn’t sleeping well. Basically, I felt sluggish, fat, and old!

I left my doctor’s office that day knowing it was time for a drastic change. I directed my focus and energy on getting healthy.

I applied everything I had learned during my years of medical training. I carried out extensive research of quality, published medical studies about optimizing health and nutrition.

Through hard work and determination, I discovered the secret approach I needed to regain my health and vitality.

Six months later, I went back to my primary care doctor for my follow-up visit. I had lost over 20 pounds. My cholesterol had come down to 195! Most importantly, I felt young, energetic and healthy again.

How did I make the change? It wasn’t magic. It was a healthy focus on proper nutrition, lifestyle, and the right supplements.

That’s why I created Smart Men’s Health. I want to help men optimize their health and performance by being really smart and intentional about their health so they can be great husbands, fathers and leaders.